Here Comes the Calvary

Photo: Tug DeWitt Clinton’s captain is pushing dredgers and scows in Seneca Lake.

Heavy rains fell in mid-August and it caused massive flooding in many areas of the Finger Lakes.  Roads, homes, vehicles, and waterfront properties were severely damaged.  Large areas of debris could be seen floating in Seneca Lake.

Several organizations are currently helping clear the debris from Seneca Lake and assist residents with assessing the damage.

A group of NYS Canal Corporation workers, including tug captains and crew members, have been on the scene for almost a week and through the weekend helping clear debris around the Ovid area of Seneca Lake.

Take a look at this 15 second Facebook video from showing Tug Seneca pushing a scow on its way to help with the Seneca Lake clean up efforts.  A welcome sight for the lakefront residents who are trying to recover from the rains.  (Video link attached here).



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