Canal Heritage Spotlighted in Spencerport

Museum Director Simon Devenish (center) with Tug DeWitt Clinton’s Captain David Starkweather and Engineer Steve Smith.

Tug DeWitt Clinton was invited to attend the September 18th heritage festival in the Village of Spencerport.  The festival was well-organized by Museum Director Simon Devenish and members of the Spencerport Depot & Canal Museum.

Attendees immediately felt like they stepped back in time with live music, demonstrations, activities, and promotions provided by local organizations.  All of the events took place directly on the Erie Canal, a picture perfect background for this type of heritage event.

Showing tools from the past.
Railroad nostalgia was shared with attendees.

The quaint historic Museum provides a view of  early Americana Spencerport; including canal history, the railroad and early communication systems.  It is also an historical research and reference center. In addition, the Museum serves as a welcome center for boaters and bikers.

Some of the canal memorabilia.


The Museum received the Heritage Award in 2009.

Two representatives from the NYS Canal Corporation were manning an information booth.  They gladly answered questions and gave away a wide selection of materials that highlight, promote and celebrate the Erie Canalway.  There really is something for everyone on the canal!

Tug DeWitt Clinton is in the background greeting festival attendees.

Tug DeWitt Clinton was a highlight of the festival.  Many people gathered around the Tug to learn more about its history and what a typical day is like for the crew.

The brass and wood captain’s wheel.

They loved seeing the rich wood-finished wheelhouse and its centerpiece – a massive wood and brass wheel.  You can almost see and hear the past generations of proud captains that had the privilege of steering this Tug along the Erie Canal for the past 92 years.

Many visitors were keenly interested in seeing the engine room which is always in pristine condition.

Spotless engine room.
The 850a Cummins engine is on display.
A group gathers around the DeWitt Clinton to learn more about this hardworking Tug.
Two Lockmaster Canalboats enter Spencerport and pass Tug DeWitt Clinton as they make their way west along the canal.
Tug DeWitt Clinton – man’s best friend.

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