DeWitt Clinton Passes the Glass Barge

The DeWitt Clinton is heading to Spencerport to participate in the Spencerport Heritage Day at the Depot and Canal Museum.

The Tug had to travel through Brockport to get to Spencerport and this time passed by the Glass Barge (in the background), Lois McClure, C.L. Churchill and South Street Seaport Museum tug.  They are part of the Corning Glass tour and are parked at Brockport’s canal welcome center.



Events like these are big draws for small canal communities. The Glass Barge is sold out for the entire weekend. It will then move on to Spencerport.

The Spencerport Depot and Canal Museum is sponsoring the August 18th Spencerport Heritage Day. It is from 11am – 4pm in Spencerport. Stop by and say hello to the Tug DeWitt Clinton if you attend. The Tug enjoys meeting new people, especially Erie Canal enthusiasts. for more information.

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