Cousins on the Canal


Cousins Jim and David pause for a photo on Tug DeWitt Clinton. 

The DeWitt Clinton was busy putting in a typical day of work in the small hamlet of Hulberton when it was surprised by a visit from the captain’s cousin! Jim was looking for a new bike and stopped by Trailside Bicycles & Mercantile. The bike shop is in a perfect spot directly on the canal between Buffalo and Rochester and is a destination for people looking for bicycles, accessories and service.

Read this 2013 Orleans Hub article for more information about Trailside Bicycles & Mercantile.

If you spend any time at all on the canal you will notice many bicyclists.  Parks & Trails New York and Erie Canalway National Heritage Corridor identify increasing use of the Erie Canal by bicyclists for exercise, travel and heritage tourism. Some bicyclists travel the canal in organized groups and tours while others travel on their own.

Hopefully Jim found the perfect bicycle and will start traveling the Erie Canal along with Tug DeWitt Clinton.





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